Quick Stovetop Granola

This morning something very unusual happened. I was craving something sweet! I had a small handful of berries that I had picked outside my house, the one ripe strawberry from the garden and a few black raspberries from the bush that magically appeared in my driveway. I also had some Siggi’s yogurt that needed eating … Continue reading Quick Stovetop Granola

Stuffed Acorn Squash

I love acorn squash. It’s sweet and earthy and brilliantly yellow. And it makes the perfect vehicle for stuffing all sorts of wonderfully delicious things into it. I made a stuffing of rainbow chard, bacon, brown rice, sweet and tart dried cherries and toasted pecans. I stuffed it into a just beginning to soften roasted … Continue reading Stuffed Acorn Squash

Roasted Carrot Salad

The hearty stock of Plowbreak Farm produce that I have had at arms reach all season long is finally beginning to dwindle. The CSA season ended a few weeks ago but I have managed to hang onto several pounds of carrots, potatoes and beets.  I wanted to prepare the carrots in such a way that … Continue reading Roasted Carrot Salad

Autumnal Salad

A few days ago, Chris and I found ourselves enjoying a Thursday afternoon together last week when hunger struck! We had the usual debate about where to get a bite, somewhere good but something we hadn’t had in a while and suddenly we realized…oh my god! Ithaca Beer Co is open! We usually have Mondays … Continue reading Autumnal Salad

Gimme a Beet!

Wahoo! The beets are here! Beets just add so much color to life! Their vibrant, regal purple, golden or even candy-cane striped hues light up any plate that they touch and with their earthy sweet flavor, we love them for so many applications, savory or sweet! I have had an incredibly busy week/weekend and it … Continue reading Gimme a Beet!