Rocket Risotto

Ah, risotto…. I am eternally fond of this dish. As an up and coming food and cooking enthusiast I used to constantly devour all information, recipes and cooking techniques available via food television. I honestly owe much of what I know about how to cook things to watching Food Network for about 5+ years (now … Continue reading Rocket Risotto

Valentine’s Night: Four Course Dinner in the Name of Love

Cooking from the Heart ¬† Valentine’s Day is one of those things, people either love it or hate it. Personally, I will¬†gladly take any excuse to tell Chris that I love him and cook him some outrageously good food in massive quantities: i.e. full-on four course dinner! I told him he was the perfect reason … Continue reading Valentine’s Night: Four Course Dinner in the Name of Love

Vietnamese Salad

For those readers of this blog who find themselves in Ithaca, NY, you all know about the absolute food glory that is Saigon Kitchen: a great Vietnamese restaurant with friendly staff and bangin’ food! They are crazy busy at all times which is both fantastic and frustrating! Sometimes I just want the food without having … Continue reading Vietnamese Salad