Another Lasagna!

Seems very fitting that the last post that I put up was not only on a Monday, but also a recipe for lasagna! I love lasagna. I think that much is obvious. As the last recipe was a more classic version of the dish, this riff departs from the traditional in a lighter, more veg-centric … Continue reading Another Lasagna!


It’s Monday. If I were Garfield, I would demand lasagna! Not just any lasagna, this lasagna. It’s got all the hits, rich ground beef, homemade tomato sauce, greens and allll the cheese. This is rich, satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs winter comfort food. Prepping in advance will help get this on the table in no time plus using … Continue reading Lasagna

Pad Thai (ish)

Pad Thai has to be the most famous Thai takeout dish in America and for good reason. Chewy rice noodles, toasted peanuts, lime, fish sauce and cilantro make up a stir-fry whose flavors and textures are addicting. But it doesn’t have to be takeout only splendor any longer. Pad Thai is quick and easy to … Continue reading Pad Thai (ish)

Quick Stovetop Granola

This morning something very unusual happened. I was craving something sweet! I had a small handful of berries that I had picked outside my house, the one ripe strawberry from the garden and a few black raspberries from the bush that magically appeared in my driveway. I also had some Siggi’s yogurt that needed eating … Continue reading Quick Stovetop Granola